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A New Yorker Eats Pizza In LA: Luchini Pizzeria and Bar

(This entry introduces what I hope will be a regular feature around here: A New Yorker Eats Pizza In LA. That’s pretty self-explanatory, I guess. We kick off with a good’un, Luchini Pizzeria and Bar in Hollywood.)

After last night’s lovely showcase for Louise Goffin in the burnished hat-box that’s the  the Hotel Café’s Second Room—if the songs she previewed from her upcoming album are any indication, it’s one to keep an ear out for—it was early enough that I decided to check out the recently opened Luchini Pizzeria and Bar. It’s a nice open space on Cahuenga off Selma: a counter and pizza ovens on one side, a bar with TVs playing the Dodger game on the other; a room that looks like it would be perfect for parties is in the back.


While it wasn’t that crowded, it was obvious they were getting slammed with orders for pick-up and delivery (available on-line through their website), and the short line for slices moved slowly.  It gave me time to check out their various specialty pies:  White, with sausage and mushrooms; Supreme, sausage and peppers; the New Yorker, with garlic, basil, and oregano. They also do a Sicilian pie.  I went with the pepperoni, which had a nice bubbly char to the crust; the pepperoni on my slice was tossed on with a generous hand.

Warmed from the oven, the slice had a nice heft; when folded, there was only a slight droop at the nose. The crust was thick and crunchy, and the cheese was a cut above most street slices. The pepperoni had some heat, and had also crisped up well. On the whole, a well-made, substantial slice. Even with New York-transplant Joe’s around the corner, I can see myself coming back to Luchini after the next time I’m at the Arclight, shopping at Amoeba, or back at the Hotel Café.


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