I’ll Take the President For The Block…

So, doing my early afternoon Social Media sweep—a quick scan of Facebook, check out a few stories for Obit, then a look at Twitter, specifically to make sure Il Douché hasn’t used his 140 characters to declare war—and I come across this:

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 1.44.09 PM

…and  was surprised. Not that someone is blocked on Twitter; to paraphrase Dean Martin,  everybody blocks somebody sometimes. But that the Commander-In-Chief can block somebody.

If you take Twitter at its word, and accept that the social media network is also a news service (and  its readers “citizen journalists”), does a sitting President of The United States have the right to deny a US Citizen access to his of tweets, even if they are mostly tantrums, whinging, and puffed-up Babbittry?


About Steven Mirkin

Steven Mirkin’s diverse career has taken him from politics to pop culture to high art, offering him a front row seat to some of the most fascinating events and personalities of our time: writing speeches, fundraising appeals and campaign materials for Ed Koch, John Heinz and independent presidential candidate John B. Anderson; chronicling the punk/new wave scenes in New York and London; interviewing musicians such as Elton John, John Lydon and Buck Owens; profiling modern masters Julian Schnabel, Paul Schrader and Jonathan Safran Foer; and writing for TV shows including 21, The Chamber, Let's Make A Deal, and Rock Star: INXS. He currently edits Obitmagazine.com. View all posts by Steven Mirkin

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