Il Douché’s Adventures in Ethics…

It’s getting to the point where you can’t even be surprised anymore.

Less than a month into the Frightening Reign of Il Douché, and the reports of his inappropriate behavior,  toddler temper, and ignorance of the laws and mores of the nation he claims to love so vast he’d be failing 4th-grade civics arrive with the regularity of Law & Order reruns. And like L&O, they become almost too easy to ignore—before Briscoe or Spicer show up at the scene of the crime to crack wise, you realize you’ve seen this one before and start looking for something new. But we can’t become inured to him—the knowledge that he is unfit to hold high office and running the most corrupt administration since Warren G. Harding (and closing in fast on Ulysses S. Grant) is the well his other sins spring from.

They become so commonplace they don’t even rate headlines. Here’s this little morsel, tucked into the 7th graf of a gossipy NY Post story—no member of the liberal media—after the important news that Kellyanne Conway and her husband have suspended their $100,000-a-year country club membership for only a year. Could this be a sign she’s not long for the White House?  Probably not. Not even turning the White House briefing room into a QVC studio can shake Il Douché’s faith in her.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer said Conway had been “counseled” on her comments, but the president reportedly took issue with that phrase, telling staff that it was unfair to make it sound like she was in trouble.

So, one of his top White House counselors makes an ethical misstep so blatant it managed to rouse Jason Chaffetz out of the hibernation he went into after November 8th, so egregious that Peter Schweitzer, the Bannon-approved author of Clinton Cash, believes she stepped over a line, a behavior so obviously illegal that even Park Rangers are trained to avoid it,  and the leader of the free world doesn’t want anyone to think she’s in trouble?


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