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The Innuendo Deluge Begins…

Oh, dear. The “Defeat Crooked Hillary” PAC—wonder who they’re supporting—has released their first ad, Gotta Pay The Bills, and it’s every bit as awful as you’d imagine. In keeping with the presumptive GOP candidate’s campaign, it’s a cheaply tossed together, fact-free undertaking. Just concerned voices, ominous music, meaningless charts, and unflattering photos. The producers appear to operate under the assumption that  raising a question is the same thing as answering one.

And sure, the Clinton’s money is fair game. But given who this ad is supporting, is casting aspersions on a candidate’s wealth really the strategy you want to take? Especially when only one of the candidates has released their tax returns…


Lewandowski down!

Il Douché finally let go of Corey Lewandowski, his pugnacious, overmatched campaign manager and the winner of this year’s H.R. Halderman charm school and hair salon trophy. And it was not pretty. Staff meeting at 8, unemployed by 9.

According to Breitbart, a website that trawls the bottom of the Right-wing internet swamp, giving it the best chance of getting the campaign’s least-filtered Cheeto dust, it was even uglier than you imagined. According to their story—no link, I’m not going to send any traffic their way—Lewandowski was let go in a way that makes it easy to believe that the Boardroom scenes in “The Apprentice” were not too far removed from reality:

“At the meeting, attended by both senior campaign staff and members of the family, Trump reviewed different campaign metrics that were all faltering: cooperation with party leaders, fundraising, surrogate operations and most importantly the polls,” all aspects of the campaign where Lewandowski was, for lack of a better term, “project manager.” And when asked what can be done to stop the bleeding, his best idea was to announce the VP candidate.

That got a “you’re fired” from Il Douché, and a statement distributed by the campaign that wouldn’t have been out-of-place in a Variety story: “The Donald J. Trump Campaign for President, which has set a historic record in the Republican Primary having received almost 14 million votes, has today announced that Corey Lewandowski will no longer be working with the campaign. The campaign is grateful to Corey for his hard work and dedication and we wish him the best in the future.”  I’m especially enamored by the clunkiness of “Donald J. Trump Campaign for President,” followed by a parenthetical boast. I can think of so many others that work just as well: The Donald J. Trump Campaign for President, celebrating one year of being proudly fact-free; The Donald J. Trump Campaign for President, on a course for a record-breaking loss in the general election… add your suggestions in the comments section.

The reaction from Breitbart’s anonymous source (although given the dismissive nature of the comments, it could be “John Miller”)  follows suit, sounding less like a campaign operative than a network marketing executive: “The VP pick was the one piece of suspense that would make people tune into the convention—Corey wanted to give that away now? There was no way.”

Or to put it another way: Corey Lewandowski is the second instance of a man being killed over lousy ratings.


Dampening the Bern….

A few weeks ago I was looking forward to casting my ballot for Bernie…I liked his focus on economic inequality, and thought the time was right for an old, cranky Jew to live in the White House…let the rest of the country experience the seders where, after the third glass of wine,  great-uncle Manny starts spouting off . And I thought it would be good for the DNC to be chastised, and a good showing for Bernie might nudge them away from centrist-DLC neoliberalism. But as the California primary looms, I’m having my doubts.
Stories like this have me concerned. Senator Sanders has run a great campaign, and the party has moved to the left. We owe him a great deal for that. But the way to cement those gains isn’t to piss off the presumptive candidate and the party apparat. I worry that he’s started to take his revolutionary rhetoric seriously, and he expects to sweep into the convention like a dyspeptic Joan of Arc, and be given the nomination by acclimation.  Not sure I want to encourage that. It’s a political fever dream, and one more likely to end wit him being burned at the stake on national TV. The best way for him to end things is to call Mrs. Clinton Wednesday morning, congratulate her on a great win, and offer to do whatever can he do to help in the general.
Otherwise, he’s going to be Nader redux, and his legacy will be the man who helped elect Il Douché president.  I  don’t want any part of that….
Is Lyndon LaRouche still running?

Do we all have to sink to Trump’s level?

I have a real problem with the thesis of this Washington Post piece: Il Douché will continue to act like a spoiled three-year-old, and the rest of us will just have to suck it up. Do we have no shame? I know the presumptive GOP candidate is shameless, but it would be nice if Tumulty and other journalists, networks, et al, had a little and would tell Baby LeRoy and his parents that certain behavior is unacceptable in public.

I think the turning point of the race will be the debate(s). Hillary has a history of debating members of the He-Man Libruls Haters Club. Il Douché is going to make Rick Lazio look like George Clooney.

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