Never Waste a Crisis…

Remember when the GOP took to their fainting couch over Rahm Emmanuel’s belief  that you “never let a crisis go to waste“? Well, Ted Cruz obviously never got the memo.

Mere hours after the tragic bombings in Brussels, before we even know how many were killed in this latest tragedy, Ted was out on the hustings, making sure this crisis was of maximum utility, one that allows him to claim that his jack-boot over-reactions are rational policies. Repeating the words “radical Islamic terrorism” didn’t have the magic effect Frank Gaffney said it would, and the adults in the room refuse to carpet bomb anyone, so why not try some good old-fashioned police action.

You have to worry what kind of mind believes that having police forces, armed to the teeth and looking like they’ve stepped out of a battlefield (because munitions makers have never been known to let an international crisis go to waste), acting like an occupying force in your neighborhood certainly would tamp down radicalization. Yes, because having the government look like they’ve declared war against you wouldn’t buttress an ISIS recruiter’s sales pitch.

Not that Trump’s been any better, but this time Ted almost made Him seem reasonable.


About Steven Mirkin

Steven Mirkin’s diverse career has taken him from politics to pop culture to high art, offering him a front row seat to some of the most fascinating events and personalities of our time: writing speeches, fundraising appeals and campaign materials for Ed Koch, John Heinz and independent presidential candidate John B. Anderson; chronicling the punk/new wave scenes in New York and London; interviewing musicians such as Elton John, John Lydon and Buck Owens; profiling modern masters Julian Schnabel, Paul Schrader and Jonathan Safran Foer; and writing for TV shows including 21, The Chamber, Let's Make A Deal, and Rock Star: INXS. He currently edits View all posts by Steven Mirkin

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