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Cruzin’ with Raphael: Wall To Wall Carpet Bombing Edition

Every once in a while, when you least expect it, one of the GOP Presidential candidates slips up, and says something honest. Today it’s Ted Cruz  who has taken the truth serum. And he does it in the oddest place: a white paper laying out his military policies, American Resolve: Rebuilding America’s Military.

It’s filled with all the usual GOP palaver: protecting the borders (or, Keeping Up With Trump), inability to influence global events, and “irresponsible defense cuts” (by which I think he means the Sequester, that across-the-board cut in spending demanded as ransom when the GOP too the budget hostage in 2011). He returns to the old hits: leading from behind, global instability, caused by The Nation (always capped, a typographic tic that reads like a  knee-jerk salute) not imposing our “American values” around the world. And because there’s no separation of Church and State in Ted Cruz’s world, the result of all this is to “deprive the United States of of its God-given potential.”

And, once he’s warmed up, Cruz (the least likable and telegenic candidate for president since Richard Nixon), without realizing it, tells the truth. He admits that, under a Cruz Administration “The Nation must be prepared for the possibility of multiple, near-simultaneous conflicts.”

So there you have it. A vote for Cruz is a vote for constant, yet shifting, war.

Not sure that works on a slogan, though.


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