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Please allow me to re-introduce myself…..

When I started this blog New Year’s Day, I did it with the intention of posting some 500 words every day. Should be easy, I thought. I certainly don’t lack for opinions, and I’ve never been shy about voicing them. Just have to get them down on pap….urm….type them up on a screen. But, as anyone who has favored, or followed me (and thanks to all of you) has seen, that’s not the case. Can’t even call it writer’s block. For that to happen, it’s necessary for someone to actually sit before their computer and try to write.

No, what I’ve been suffering from is something different: writer’s aversion. I don’t even fake trying to write. It had been so long since I even attempted to post here that, when wordpress asked for my password, I couldn’t remember. (Of course, that could just mean I’m getting older, but that’s a posting for another day.)

Today, somewhere between my pivot from the newsy sections of today’s Times to Arts and Leisure and Book Review (really looking forward to that Burroughs biography), I realized that what most scares me is the unfiltered nature of a blog. In the past, whenever I written something badly, or been just plain wrong (it happens much more than I’d like to admit), I could blame it on editing, deadline, or…. Can’t do that here. It’s all on me. And that’s paralyzing.

For whatever reason, I’ve (finally!) realized that’s not a bad thing. Why not release the Crackpot? Let him fly!

And G-d help us all….

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